Design Consultancy

  • Layout
  • Conceptualization of
  • Design and Material
  • 3D Design
  • Working Details

Turn Key Solution

  • A quality check list
  • An experienced team to handle all about
  • Ready to use site
  • Value for Money

Project Consultancy

  • Provide full design Consultancy
  • On Site visit
  • Proper project Planning


With our man years of expertise and array of services, we have managed to gain an edge in the industry and emerge as one of the best interior design firms for commercial and residential spaces.

While designing a commercial space – be it a corporate office or a creative one, our team of experts always keeps in the mind the requirements of the client and the purpose that the office is going to serve.

We have in-house team of 3D visualizers to give detailed drawings to vendors with each and every minute specification and we also have 3D visualizers who'll make sure they model your dream project look as real as possible for designers to seek approval from you.

  • Image Development
  • Workplace Strategy
  • Space PlanningSchematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Contract Documents
  • Color and Material Specification

Scope of Work

Furniture Work:

The aesthetics of your furniture can make or break the way how your interiors will look. A piece of furniture can have so many different roles in your home or office space. It has to meet every demand made of it, whilst also ensuring it matches and compliments its surroundings. At Plankton Arch we offer the best furniture which serves both beauty as well as functionality.

Electric Work:

With the right tiles you can create the desired ambiance but it can also be difficult to choose. Ceramic tiles are versatile in application and can be used almost anywhere including walls, ceilings and oors. With our rich experience we consult on tiles and plumbing work to meet your specific requirements

Tiles and Plumbing Work :

Proper electric installation and maintenance of is very important in both commercial and residential complexes. A faulty wiring can expose your all valuable home or office space into greater dangers such as fire and electrocution. Thus utmost care should be given to the same. At Plankton Arch we recognize this all important need and offer high quality electric work, which will ensure maximum safety.

False Ceiling services :

False Ceiling can conceal wiring, while being energy efficient. They can be decorative, while being air regulators. False ceilings can be functional and pretty at the same time. They perform a host of purposes and play an important role in your interior decor. Thus at Plankton Arch we offer the best false ceiling services.

CCTV Installation :

The security of your home, office or commercial establishment is of prime importance for all. CCTVs go a long way in providing the same in the current scenario.
CCTV installation is another important service we provide.

Fire Safety services

Interior decor is not just about making your homes or office space look beautiful. It is also about safety. In most big residential and commercial complexes it is also a statutory need as well. It is because of this we provide top quality fire safety services at Plankton Arch.


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